Specialist assessment for children, adults and young people

Autism Diagnosic Assessment

The assessment will start with an initial consultation, which is an opportunity to ascertain if a full diagnostic assessment is required. Following this, a full developmental history will be gathered and a clinical observation will be carried out using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. Information will be gathered from school or work and if needed a further observation of the client will be carried out in a non-clinical setting (e.g. school or work). Following the assessment, you will be provided with a report of the findings and a set to recommendations to help manage difficulties associated with ASD.  We can then discuss any next steps.

The process and fees differ depending on whether the assessment is for a child or an adult. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss this

ADHD Assessment

Blume Psychology offer ADHD assessments for both children and adults. The assessment will include a developmental history, which will include information from parent/carers or a close relative. An observation in clinic will be carried out, plus a second observation if needed. A series of questionnaires will need to completed and we may require be and additional information from school or work. 

Cognitive Assessment

A cognitive assessment may be useful to determine strengths and difficulties in a person’s learning and daily functioning. It can help to develop strategies to support them to manage and be better supported at home, school and/or work. A series of assessment tests will be used, which may vary depending on the persons age and the difficulties that they are experiencing. This will be used in conjunction with a developmental a history to better understand the challenges faced by an individual. Following the assessment, you will be provided with a report and a set of recommendations.  


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